Scarf Mishka stone


Grey stone color

Meaning of Mishka: gift of love in Hindu.

We traveled to the heart of India to realize the Khili collection. Mishka scarf was designed in our trip to India and its design uses the discharge of citric acid on the dye block printing technique.

The scaf is dyed using vegetable dyes and then stamped with citric acid on the already dyed fabric. The acid acts on the dye leaving the print printed.

The scarf is spread out in the drying field and left in the sun for a few days. It is then boiled in alum bath and dried flowers to give softness and color resistance.

The variations in the stamping and the color are marks of being an artisan technique and of the natural dyes used.

  • 100% Modal
  • 211×96 cm

Scarfs from the Khili collection are hand-printed by a master of stamping with carved wooden blocks in Bagru, India

Designed by Nou Moscada – Made by master craftsmen of Block Printing

Nou Moscada believes that he works with artisans respecting the rights of workers and their working conditions.

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